Kickastarter has become more about money than funding

Kickstarter and crowd funding has come a long way from where they started. This is evident from how projects are featured on this platform. Earlier there were projects struggling financially but had brilliant ideas and expecting a good investor. They were not advertising on facebook and Google and had no resources do either, it all came down to how well they were showcasing their ideas and what potential it had. But today when one looks into the most famous projects on kickstarter their backlinks are from Google Adwords and facebook. Because most of these projects are investor backed and it is ridiculous that why these companies even use kickstarter.

Funded today is an advertising agency for kickstarter campaign; they use their own money for advertising and take up 35 percent of whatever is raised. These projects have more or less has become attention seekers than the ones in need of money. These projects can crush down projects which are in genuine need of money. They get all the attention on the platform and there is meager chance for other projects to showcase them. Funded today over promises and under delivers, projects are left untouched if they are not picking up conversions. Kickstarter has to give up these investor backed projects to maintain the true essence of this platform. Only doing so real projects with good potential are given importance and become a reality


5 ways to raise funds effectively

Raising funds to your crowd funding campaign is no less than a herculean task. Let’s look at some effective methods to raise funds:

Interact with your community of investors and organize chat sessions and get feedback from them. This helps in building a rapport with the community and creates goodwill among them. Social media campaign is one of the essential tools to promote your crowd funding. But choose the appropriate platform where potential investors are available for your project. But make sure you concentrate on various media to grab the maximum attention.
Tag or mention individuals who contribute to your project in your posts and tweets.

Use a little amount of data analysis to see how well your campaign is going, though you don’t need to invest in an in-depth analysis. For example twitter analytics is a useful tool. Events can help in engaging with lot more diverse people and helps it reach wide audience. Organize charity events for cause that are close to the goal of your campaign. Make your donors sign up as members of your organization. This will make them feel more involved with your campaign; establish the benefits of being a member. Apply to institutions for grants and partnerships with your campaign. Contact research organizations that work on the same line of your campaign. The partnership between you and other affluent organizations gives a better outlook for your work. If rising money is one side of the coin how well you spend it and the end product are the other side, it all comes down to how well you execute your plans


Creating a toolkit for nonprofit fundraising

There are several tools to make your fund raising campaign successful here are some of the best tools available:

Peer-to-peer tips :
Take advice from people who have successfully completed a crowd funding project. You don’t need to replicate their ideas but take inspiration from their work and implement better ideas.

Social media:
60 percent of news and write-ups are consumed from social media. Write a facebook post or give regular updates on twitter to keep people informed of your project and latest developments.

Emails or group conversation:
Let your investors or project enthusiast know your project details. Send regular mails, have conversation with them on regular basis in group chats. This will keep them interested in your work.

Analyze data:
Analyze how your social media campaign is going forward you can use twitter analytics to know how well your tweets are reaching.

Don’t make your campaign money seeking one rather make it a campaign which focuses on the project. Keep in touch with your investors on a regular basis

Set targets which are achievable and don’t make unrealistic goals. They will upset you and your investors.

Check out if there are projects similar to you and see how different you are from them or how you can stand out among the crowd.

Host events:
Events can help in engaging with lot more diverse people and helps it reach wide audience. Organize events for cause that are close to


Twitter for your crowd funding campaign

Twitter has 307 million active users and it is one of the fastest growing and widely used social media. It is necessary that you take your crowd funding campaign to twitter to gain popularity.

Here are some of the tips to make successful campaign on twitter:
Create a Hashtag
Hashtags are used to search for tweets which have the same tag words by clicking them. This will let users surf through all similar tweets. And you can also see through all others who are using your hashtag. It is a way of brand recognition. While creating hashtags make them simple, short and attractive.

Engage with your followers:
When people retweet the more you reach out, Tweet to them share updates and friendly notes with them by using”@” symbol followed by their name.

Collaborate with influencers:
Individuals with huge number of followers are termed influencers, try to reach out to them and will be helpful in spreading your campaign on a large scale.

Brand your account:
Create an attractive bio with your cover photo and profile picture highlighting your campaign.

Twitter analytics gives you an insight into how well your campaign is going. Click “view your top tweets” and this will take you into the analytics page and you can get information regarding top tweets impression, engagement rate and information about audience. Though twitter has only 140 characters to express yourself you can use it wisely to make a mark.


Kickbooster will pay for sharing crowd funding campaigns

Affiliate marketing or influential marketing is the latest trend for promoting brands to crowd funding campaigns. The participant in this type of marketing is usually paid to spread the word. Influential marketer is a person with huge number of followers on social media or blogs. Kickbooster, founded by Scott Adamson, is a program in which users can sign up and latter share links to interesting campaigns. Each click on the link will get 10 percent revenue for the person who shares it, 10 percent of the final product cost. It is more like a discount store for marketing crowd funding campaigns The percentage varies according to company but most of them stick to 10 percent. Anyone can sign up and create referral links but the company favors users who have already backed a campaign.

People who have given their money to the project will be interested enough to share the campaign and Kickbooster is monetizing and encouraging it. Kickbooster has already partnered 200 participants and gets 3 percent over which the company has agreed as rebate. The company also offers services to set up an ecommerce website and help gain users from crowd funding site to their own platform. Influential marketing has been famous for movies to brands and new products but it is new for crowd funding. Kickbooster is currently available for all kickstarter campaigns and will soon be available for indiegego.

US financial institution

An Analysis about Peer To Peer Lending Program of Upstart

Upstart’s peer to peer lending program is different from other p2p programs, where it gives a chance for young borrowers to improve their credits by having various circumstances determining their potential to repay the loan. Those who like to get a loan and improve the credits can choose Upstart.

Upstart is a strong underwriting model that verifies each applicant’s identity, Educational score, history of credits and employment. This helps investors to get access to borrowers with high quality. This model is well working, as 98% of the upstart loans are paid in full. Most of the candidates are taking loans to refinance their credits. Most investors are happy about the fact that Upstart doesn’t collect any fees for loans.

Upstart serves better by providing an opportunity for borrowers to apply for loans with rates up to 30 percent less than other lenders and no penalties is included for prepayments on Kickstarter campaigns. Only residents and citizens of US are eligible for the loans and the age criteria must be at least 18 years. Borrowers must have a proper job or any other regular income and a personal account with US financial institution. Borrowers get the loan for Education, medical bills, for making purchases and expand a business.

With Upstart getting a loan is easy, even borrowers having poor credit score can get loans as the eligibility is based on several other factors. The Upstart has received positive reviews from a number of borrowers along with 5 star rating from many users.

Small Business Loan

Some Tips to Get a Small Business Loan

People who like to get a loan for small business can do it with a number of ways. Some financial tools that help you to finance in a business includes Indiegogo, kick starter and crowdfunding.

Some people desire to start an ecommerce store, physical or some other type of business, so here are some tips to help them out:

It is considered to be a peer to peer lending marketplace which allows you to get an unsecured personal loan. You should take the complete responsibility of the debt and there is no guarantee for the loans from SBA. Readers always have a positive experience about the peer to peer lending marketplace.

SBA Loans
SBA loans have guarantees in some portions of the whole loan. You can learn more about an SBA through a local lender and bank who participates in the program.

  • 7 (a) Loan program: This program is for borrowers who acquires and expands a small business.
  • Microloan Program: These are the loans for smaller startups.

If you have trouble in getting traditional bank loans, then the better option to choose is SBA loans.

Bank Loan
Before getting the traditional bank loan, the bank will see your credit score, personal income and debt, years in business, business statistics and collateral.

Lending club
It is the next peer to peer lending marketplace used to get an unsecured personal loan. Many borrowers use this scheme as they get better rates and to refinance their credit card debt.

It is the third peer to peer lending marketplace which uses the educational background, job history and area of study to make sure that you are a good candidate to get a loan.

Peer To Peer Lending

Peer To Peer Lending

Many questions arise regarding the peer to peer lending and how people use it to finance their business.

Prosper is the first peer to peer company launched in 2006, but it is not a  mainstream but Lending club being the largest peer to peer company in United States is now valued to billions.

Peer to peer loans differ from traditional loans because of the software. It acts as a marketplace for investors and borrowers this software matches the investors with your loan application. No guarantee is assured even it is personal loan. You can experience a different interest rate based on your credit score, term and type of the loan.

Some of the peer to peer lending platforms like Lending club and Prosper use this technology to connect borrowers with lenders where there is a little rise up and the websites can pass their savings to you in order to facilitate lower interest rates. The peer to peer model is attracts a number of investors. Chief executive of Lending Club highlights the importance of protecting investors in this platform.

Benefits of peer to peer lending:

This lending model has a lot of benefits for entrepreneurs when compared to traditional lending model which includes quick approval for online application, fixed rate of repayment, assurance is not required and no penalty.

It also provides various benefits for investors which includes good returns, online investment management, monthly cashflow and ability to diversity.

How to get started?

To get start, you need to check out different platforms from the spot, where you invest or obtain loan.

crowdfunding projects

HeadFunder, the crowdfunding platform would soon make a statement

There are many crowdfunding platforms out there such as Kickstarter, Indiegogo, etc. Not all of them are successful, very few make it big. HeadFunder is a new crowdfunding platform that is going to make it tough for its contenders. The website collects only 2% fees from the fixed campaigns and 4% fees from the flexible campaigns. The platform gives a special treatment to the campaigns that give positive vibe to the world. The fund raisers from other platforms would already feel the pressure.

The best part is HeadFunder has got a better customer service when compared to the other platforms. No doubt about that! If a fundraiser has any doubts regarding the campaign, he needs to mail for which he would get a reply after a few days or even months. But it is not the same story with HeadFunder; the platform has a live chat session that would clear all the doubts of its users right away.

It is the best platform for a campaign to go viral and is a massive hit among the crowd funders. HeadFunder is going to give a tough competition to its contenders and would be a trend setter in near future.

HeadFunder is now the leading crowdfunding platform in the industry and would soon take down the other platforms. It is very user friendly and it also meets users’ expectations. Many crowdfunding projects have turned out to be successful ones, thanks to the genius of crowdfunding platforms, HeadFunder.

crowdfunding website

Tips for starting a successful crowdfunding website

There are many crowdfunding platforms on the internet such as Kickstarter, Indiegogo, etc. Many people are even planning to create websites and make money off them. It is not an easy job to set up a crowdfunding website; you will have to master certain strategies and tactics.

Choose the appropriate software for your website

The right software will give your website the much required look and feel to it. Build a healthy relationship with the developers’ team to achieve a convincing end result. Word Press-based website is one of the cheapest options available out there. If you cannot build a website on your own, do not hesitate to buy a website for a reasonable price.

Be unique with your website to stand out from the crowd

There are thousands of crowdfunding websites out there, and it is not an easy job to meet the user’s requirements. Always make sure to get creative with your website and keep it more users friendly. At the end of the day, a user would not prefer a website that lacks the so called “sleekness”. Make your website look more convincing and professional to seek investors and projects.

Promote, promote and promote!

You need promotions for your crowdfunding website in order to achieve a massive success. You can reach out to people through Facebook ads, forums, communities, postcards and other social media sites. You can even ask the bloggers to blog about your website and the readers would definitely spread the word to their friends. Promotional events can do a better job and consider hosting events like marathon and walkathon to promote your website.

Never ever give up the race!

You cannot expect to achieve success immediately after launching the website. Your website might take one or two years to reach the popularity and in the meantime, dare not to give up! You will also need some successful projects to have the media’s attention on your website

Do a lot of research

Crowdfunding industry is the new trend that is catching up like a deadly virus, just a sarcasm guys! In order to put up a successful platform, you need to do a lot of “homework” or research. Google is your best friend when it comes to research, so stick with it and learn better.

Follow all these tips to produce a successful crowdfunding website that reaps money off successful projects and big hearted investors.